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We believe in turning good ideas into powerful brands. Our purpose is simple – to help organisations and people flourish.

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We help your business to stand out from the crowd

We create everything from web design to mobile applications, social media management and more. We focus on your target market and what will sell.

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With our proprietary technology and the best designers in the business, we craft smart solutions for our clients that use their data to drive better business.

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Our marketing tracking tool allows you to track how effectively your marketing campaigns are working, how many new leads to respond to and how much revenue is being generated.

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The SolarOne team has been a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge of digital marketing along with their ability to be flexible and meet our changing needs has allowed us to reach new levels of exposure.

Inger Long , Paradigm founder

The SolarOne team is a standout in the industry, working together to make sure that every client is being provided with our best work.

Megan Hawkins , Sixteen Coworking Lab

We have been using ClickMagick for a long time and are very pleased with the results. We have been able to achieve double digit growth for our clients year after year for a reason.

Charlotte Kennedy , CrowdCamp

Solar One has a proven track record for setting up, managing and optimizing the online presence and marketing of businesses to deliver measurable improvements in leads and sales.

Mosel Thomas , Superflux Agency

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